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Treating Vitiligo
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Suituated in the convenient China, XIANCHEN TCM is committed to offer you Chinese TCM treating vitiligo. We can assure you that our treating vitiligo is of high security.

treating vitiligo

The advantage of treating psoriasis using TCM

    1. No toxic or side effect

Although some immune agents, hormone drugs and others could subside skin lesions in the short term but without significantly long-term efficacy. Moreover, these drugs can damage patients’ physical function. The use of TCM to treat psoriasis avoids the defect of any toxic and side effect. It is a kind of development trend in future that using TCM to treat psoriasis. Traditional Chinese medicine is a trusted green therapy with thousands of years of history and has accumulated rich experience in the treatment. Generally, pure TCM preparations are made from herbs without any side effect during treatment. As long as adherence to treatment with correct dialectical therapy, most patients’ psoriasis can be clinically cured. 

    2. Focus on regulating human body inside and searching for the primary cause of disease in treatment

The use of TCM to treat psoriasis has a long history and a basic principle of using TCM to treat diseases is searching for the primary cause of disease in treatment. Because only the primary cause is found, also called the root cause of disease by us, differential treatment can be targeted, human body inside can be effectively regulated, and the disease can be cured. Some treatments only for surface symptoms of psoriasis such as skin lesions, scale, pruritus, ect. are palliatives while using TCM to treat psoriasis can promote human body inside in the balance, skin metabolism back to normal and natural regeneration from the inside to the outside through the full play of efficacy. Finally, psoriasis is cured.  

The above introduces the advantages of using TCM to treat psoriasis and hope it could help you