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How The Flat Wart Is Caused
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Suituated in the convenient China, XIANCHEN TCM is committed to offer you Chinese TCM how the flat wart is caused. We can assure you that our how the flat wart is caused is of high security.

How the flat wart is caused

    Flat wart virus is mainly through direct contact with infection, but also can be infected through the pollution of the skin and indirect infection. In addition, it is also an important factor causing trauma infection, and the patient's own skin picking, also can cause the infection.

    Flat wart is a kind of DNA virus, is caused by the human papilloma virus is a human epidermal neoplasm, who is the only host it and host cells is the skin and mucosal epithelial cells virus found in spinous layer cells, and can promote cell proliferation of active form verrucous damage.

    Chinese medicine believes that flat wart is multi by the skin cou not close, the heat toxin invades the body, or in vivo liver virtual Xuezao, tendons gas without wing, disharmony between Qi and blood, external noxious heat hair skin and the incidence of cholestasis.

    Flat wart is a contagious skin disease, so now the children suffering from flat wart also more and more, because the child body is in the development stage, immunity is weak, so children suffering from flat wart probability is very large, now the children are father and mother's darling, saw the child had flat wart do not know what to do, since battered are anxious, but is still not resolved.       So, what should children get flat wart to do?

    Generally speaking, flat wart of easy to occur in the exposed parts, especially in the face of multiple, so that patients very distressed, so want to rush to cure; this brings take advantage of the opportunity to many lakes Youyi, due to the patient's psychological anxious, it is easy to be misled, leading to serious adverse consequences.

    If the diagnosis is flat wart, although it is more difficult to treat. So patients must have patience, but also to avoid scratching, this will auto inoculation, infection to other places, the flat wart more and more.