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How To Treat With Facial Damp
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Suituated in the convenient China, XIANCHEN TCM is committed to offer you Chinese TCM how to treat with facial damp. We can assure you that our how to treat with facial damp is of high security.

How to treat with facial damp

    How to treat with facial damp in summer. Facial noxious dampness is common in gynecological damp of a skin disease, pathogenesis is mainly internal and external excitation factors induced by the interaction of a delayed type allergic reaction.

    The etiology of this disease is very complex, the patients with allergic diathesis is an important factor in the disease, and genetic related with age, to change the environment, neural factors such as anxiety, tension, excitement, insomnia, fatigue and other may also induce or aggravate their condition. Some external factors such as sunlight, hot and humid, dry, scratching, friction, cosmetics, soap, fur, fuel, man-made fibers, such as can induce poisoning caused by damp. Some foods such as fish, eggs can also aggravate damp.

    Facial damp itch sense is clear, easy to repeated attacks, in addition to the heavier to go to hospital for treatment, general as long as careful nursing can be cured. We should pay attention to facial skin clean, dry, do not have soap facial cleanser, or can aggravate eczema. Fingers should be kept clean, often cut nails, to prevent the use of hand scratch and secondary infection. Only erythema and blood rash, available fluocinolone acetonide or triamcinolone cream rub, for every 2 ~ 3 times, erosion, exudate, with 3% boric acid water wet and apply to affected areas until the exudate stop, most of erosion scab healing so far. And then switch to zinc oxide paste. It is best not to eat spicy, fish, shrimp and other food, so as not to aggravate eczema.

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